The Shock of Violence
By Steffen Böhm
26th August 2005

Public Call: The Democratisations and Contradictions of a Time-Travelling Icon
By Matt Hills
26th July 2005

The Olympics and the City
By Oscar Reyes
16th April 2005

Does Labour Deserve a Compass?
By Neal Lawson
15th April 2005

Everyone’s At It: Regulation and the New Rentier Economy
By Jeremy valentine
14th April 2005

Policing the ‘asylum crisis’, anti-detention campaigns and counter discourse on asylum in the UK
By Kerry Moore
13th April 2005

The bio-politics of immigration
By Joanna Zylinska
12th April 2005

Report on the World Social Forum in Mumbai
By Giuseppe Caruso
19th March 2004

Report on the World Social Forum in Mumbai
By Giuseppe Caruso
19th March 2004

Putting the shoe on the other foot
By Jo Littler
20th January 2004

Harmanizing the Workers of the World
By Peter Waterman
17th December 2003

Education as a Frontier Market
By Jonathan Rutherford
17th December 2003

Another Europe? Reflections on the second ESF
By Oscar Reyes
17th December 2003

As British as Afternoon Tea
By Mark Curtis
1st December 2003

The New Economy of Terror
By Loretta Napoleoni
1st December 2003

Formations for the Next Left
By Mike Marqusee
10th July 2003

One No, Many Yeses: The Rise Of The New Resistance Movement
By Paul Kingsnorth
25th June 2003

Records and Responsibility: An Interview with Matthew Herbert
By Claire Birchall
15th June 2003

After the war, what next for the movement?
By Mike Marqusee
7th May 2003

Resisting an unconditioned pole: global politics in the aftermath of the Iraq war
By Benjamin Arditi
7th May 2003

Who Moved My Worth? Management Self-Help Books and YOU!
By Paul Bowman
28th March 2003

Not in My Name: The Possibility of a Popular Politics
By Liam Connell and Nicky Marsh
25th March 2003

A Spin Too Far
By Liz Davies
25th March 2003

The Private Finance Initiative & the Education Market
By Jonathan Rutherford
23th February 2003

Report From New York City Anti-War Demonstration
By Mike Marqusee
16th February 2003

Some thoughts on the anti-war movement
By Mike Marqusee
10th February 2003

Tuitions Fees: social engineering for the 'knowledge economy'
By Alan Finlayson
24th January 2003

Theory, Democracy and the Left
An Interview with Leo Panitch By Carlos Pessoa
11th December 2002

British Immigration Policy, New Labour, and the rights of migrants: A critical assessment
By Don Flynn 4th December 2002

The New International: A Report from The European Social Forum
By Jeremy Gilbert 1st December 2002

Creating Alternatives: The ESF, anti-neo-liberalism and fair trade
By Jo Littler 1st December 2002

The movement is the message
By Oscar Reyes 1st December 2002

Beyond Antagonism? Investigating the Third Way
by Steve Bastow and James Martin 7th November 2002

The European Social Forum: Reflections on the English Mobilisation
by Lina Jamoul 25th October 2002

Globalisation as geometries of power
by Doreen Massey 18th October 2002

Moving the Trade Debate Forward
by Peter Hardstaff Head of Policy at the World Development Movement 15th October 2002

'An Englishman's Home...': Reflections on the Tony Martin case
by Anita Biressi and Heather Nunn 3rd October 2002

Europa Felix
by Franco Berardi
Translated by Tiziana Terranova
29th September 2002

Resistance Matters
by Mark Perryman
29th September 2002

Italy's New Opposition
by Geoff Andrews
27th September 2002