Signs of the Times does not have a “line” and we do not strict exercise editorial control over contributions, although we reserve the right to publish as we see fit. Under these terms we welcome contributions for this page.

If you are interested in submitting a discussion paper to Signs of the Times these can be emailed to

Submission Guidelines

Signs of the Times is not an academic journal. It is therefore important that submission are:

  • addressed to a literate but non-specialist audience;
  • broadly topical;
  • fairly well focussed on a political agenda or polemical purpose.


  • Papers may be submitted as text files, in Word 7 or WordPerfect 5.1, or as html.
  • If you submit your paper as a html document please remember the following things:

    • Do not use Microsoft Word to convert a document to html. This puts a lot of unnecessary code into the document which we will have to remove.
    • Please limit the use of html tags which format the text. Don't include <font> or any colour formatting.
    • Html tags which are permitted are <a>,<p>,<br>,<h1>,<h2>,<b>,<i>, <ul> and <ol>.
    • Please don't include Cascading Style Sheets.
    • Please don't use javascript commands in your document.

  • Please avoid using footnotes or endnotes. Use paranthetical references to Try to put as much of these comments in
  • In order to improve the likelihood of search engines finding the discussion papers, and to introduce the content of the paper to readers, submissions should include:

    • A couple of sentences that describe the paper which can be used as a brief introduction to its content.
    • A list of keywords (you may include as many as you think appropriate but these will be used to help search engines find your paper so the more the better).

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